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Gateway Specialty Insurance is a proud Berkshire Hathaway owned wholesale broker and leading national distributor of specialty insurance products. Our goal is to make sure our customers know that we are working for them and that we care. We promise to maintain a high level of energy, have a great attitude, never share pain and be easy to do business with. We specialize in the following:

Nonprofit Organizations


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Recently Bound Premium

• GL/PL for Home Healthcare $115,000

• GL/PL for Counseling $88,209

PL for Counseling $49,564

• GL/PL/Abuse for Nonprofit $32,551

• Package for Temple $24,326

Package for Church $19,551

GL/PL for Addiction Center $17,806

Package for Football Club $15,196

Package for Church $11,302

Package for Club $11,000

• Event Cancellation $10,029

• Package for VFW $6,601

• GL for Animal Shelter $3,161

Package for Church $2,653

• GL/PL/Abuse for Counseling $2,520

• Package for Animal Shelter $2,250 

• D&O for Chamber of Commerce $800

• Package for Theater $550

• D&O for Nonprofit Organization $500

• GL for Special Event $480