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volunteersGateway Specialty Insurance can write a wide array of community services. These organizations typically provide services to the needy or the community at large. 

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Community Service insurance coverage

General Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Abuse and Molestation

Special Events

Crisis Intervention

Professional Liability



Equipment Breakdown

Business Income


Employee Benefits Liability

Blanket Additional Insureds

Cyber Liability




Policy highlights can include:

  • Defense outside limits
  • Separate or shared limits for psychiatrists, psychologists and other MD/mid-levels professionals
  • Industry leading broadening forms
  • Broad definition of who is an insured
  • Easy access to brokers
  • Underwriting expertise with limited customer distribution
  • Ability to provide admitted and non-admitted terms
  • Coverage can be written claims-made or occurrence
  • Risk management services
  • Separate limits for General Liability, Professional Liability and Abuse and Molestation
  • In-house claims experts


Why buy insurance for community service organizations

Running a community service is a brilliant and effective way of bolstering society, but there are many unexpected costs that could hamper those efforts. A large inevitable exposure of community services is working with the public. Every time a new person walks onto the property or into the establishment, you face the possibility of a crippling law suit that even if won will still create defense costs. General liability coverage will alleviate this stress that could cause the community service to be hesitant in attracting a larger customer base. As for the property itself, it can be extremely cumbersome to incur an unexpected loss through something as unpredictable as a fire. Property coverage can take away the burden and fear of an unexpected financial and operational cost to the social service. An equally large and inevitable exposure of operating a community service is the people who make up the work force ranging from board members to volunteers. Anyone who is deemed a working part of the community service becomes an extension causing the owners to be liable for their actions. Employment practices liability and professional liability coverage will protect the community service from any ill-mannered actions of volunteers or employees that could cause anxiety towards growing the active work force. As for the board members and owners, a great amount of scrutiny can accumulate against the community service if a poorly advised decision is made, which could cause copious lawsuits and defense costs. Directors and Officers insurance will allow the ability to make decisions in order to grow the business while eliminating the fear that any one decision could cause the  community service to shut down. These separate lines of coverage are able to be affordably attained by any community service through a Gateway Specialty Social Services Package, so that anyone big or small can grow and develop. 


Social service organization claim examples


Property Claim:
A fire breaks out as a result of cooking in the common kitchen area of a community service’s food bank which results in extensive smoke and heat damage to both building and contents and forces the administration to seek an alternative facility for a period of one month. The organization suffers a loss of $75,000 as a result of property damage and extra expenses.

General Liability Claim:
The community service was cleaning up a neighborhood when a pedestrian tripped over a broom that wasn't being used by one of the volunteers.

Hired / Non Owned Auto Claim:
Holly is a employee working for a community service organization that provides companionship to victims of sexual abuse. While Holly is driving a client for a visit to the doctor’s office she fails to yield at a stop sign and strikes another vehicle. The client sustains a severe bodily injury and sues Holly’s personal auto policy. It turns out that the claims amount will ultimately exceed Holly’s personal auto limits and a secondary claim is made against the Hired / Non-Owned policy of the nonprofit religious outreach organization.

Abuse and Molestation Claim:
A man who is volunteering for an community service receives consent to take a woman he is mentoring on a trip. During the trip, the woman is sexually molested. The woman’s family sues the organization’s Abuse and Molestation coverage for bodily injury and mental duress.

Employment Practices Claim:
A volunteer nurse at a community service receives numerous sexual advances from a staff member. The volunteer sues the clinic’s Employment Practices policy for sexual harassment.

Directors and Officers Claim:
A donor made a large contribution to a local community service requesting that the money be used to enhance the building’s facilities. The board instead votes to use the money to buy a new car for the director. The donor files suit alleging misappropriation of funds.

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